most programmable Rest Api tools Set(Autotest, Mock Server, Record/Replay)

Python | JavaScript(nodejs) | Golang

Why RestBird ?

Easy-to-use and most programmable all-in-one Rest development tools set, include Rest development and (auto) Test, loading, MockServer, Recording and Replay.

Docker delopyment, support team collaboration by nature.
Supports unlimited users, projects, cases, apis and scripts.

you get all these powerful features for Free ! No user monthly fee , No monthly call limitation!

Programable, easy debug and local access

All project cases support golang, JavaScript(nodejs) or Python programming, and no restriction on importing any 3rd party library. All scripts suport debugging through the VScode extension. Flexible to choose what you are farmiliar with or you like.

Everything is saved on host’s local filesystem, this is the code base you can manage with any of your version control system ( git , svn , etc.)

You can also choose any of your favorite code editor to edit case, api. Every change you made is reflected in Restbird web portal instantly for better visualization and testing, isn’t it amazing?

Install & Run:

# pull docker image from docker hub

docker pull restbird/rest

# run docker on host's network directly for simple (prefered)

docker run -ti --user $(id -u):$(id -g) --net host -v 'path-to-project':/data/restbird restbird/rest

# or run docker from an isolated network

docker run -ti --user $(id -u):$(id -g) -p 'host-port':8080 -v 'path-to-project':/data/restbird restbird/rest

Rest API autotest

  • build and test HTTP/HTTPS Request visually

  • programmable response validation through Python/Golang scripts

  • detail visual View of request/response and all histories

  • easy trouble shooting

Record and Replay

  • reduce the initial effort to build up Api sets to almost zero

  • reverse proxy without any plugin installation in users’s browsers

  • clear visual view of recorded request and response

  • copy and replay in rest projects or mock servers

Mock Server

  • decouple your frontend from backend with easy

  • flexiable URI or Path definitioin via varible, regular expressions

  • reqeust handled visually or by Js(nodejs)/Python/Golang programming in advanced

  • data definition and state sustained

Integration and more

  • swagger(openApi) import support

  • fullly rest api support to be integrated with JIRA, Jenkins, Team City, Bugzilla, Slack

  • programable task to do unlimted andvanced jobs: timer, monitor, email alerts, load testing …

most efficient and achievable team collaboration via docker and git/svn