RestBird compare with Postman

July 31, 2018 by RestBird

Restbird is best api development and test suite for individual and team corporations. Compared to postman, it has many advantages:

  • Collaborative and secure - Docker deployment and server is hosted in customer’s environment, so team collaboration is supported by default and no worry for storing sensitive data outside
  • Flexible - Workspace is stored in local disk, so it can be managed through any version control service (git, svn, etc.) and user can choose any editor to write test cases
  • Programmability - For api testing and mock server, restbird supports Python, Nodejs(javascript) and golang programming, and it has no limitation to import any 3rd party libs. So it can be used to any advanced http request building and response parsing.
  • Developer’s heaven - VSCode plugin to make VSCode as Restbird’s IDE and support test script debugging
  • Hassle free - No user fee, No monthly call limitation, no restriction on importing any 3rd party library

Here is the detail comparision between postman and restbird:

compare 2