we have two types of varibles: Local Varibles and global varibles, while Api testing.

Local Varibles

Every rest project case can bind a group of varibles. All the varibles in the group can be used and updated at request building, response validation or Pure script.

  • While visually request building, we can use {{varible-name}} in any place like : URL, Header, or Body. it will automaticly be replaced to the target varible value at run time.

  • In programming script block, like Pre-Request Script, Response Validation Script and Pure Script, we can also access or update these varibles through a programing interface.

    Different programming languag may have diffent interfaces, please check the examples there.

Bind a project case to a group of varibles by click the “vars” button under the case.


we can also add/delet/modfy these varible definitions in the varible editor.


  • Varibles Access in Golang programing

Here is how the GetVars/SetVars is defined for RestBirdCtx. So you can use ctx.GetVars(key)/ctx.SetVars(key, value) to access the varibles.

func (ctx *RestBirdCtx) GetVars(key string) string {
	return ctx.Vars[key]

func (ctx *RestBirdCtx) SetVars(key string, value string) {
	ctx.Vars[key] = value

Besides, access the varibles in the ctx. We can also pull out all the varibles in a through callapi.GetEnvs(env) to get the whole map of varibles.

  • Varibles Access in Python programing

All the Varibles are stored in ctx.vars dictionary. We can directly access it through ctx.vars[key]

Global Varibles

sometimes we would like to share something between a runing rest project and a runing tasks, we can use following method to access the global shared varibles

  • Varibles Access in Golang programing

To Access the golobal varibles :

  • callapi.SetGlobal(key, value)
  • error, value = callapi.GetGlobal(key)

BTW, don’t forget to import callapi package.

  • Varibles Access in Golang programing

To Access the golobal varibles through ctx :

  • ctx.SetGlobal(key, value)
  • value = ctx.GetGlobal(key)