Docker command not found

I tried installing Docker using ubuntu 14.0LTS virtualbox

sudo apt get install docker

However, when I try running docker it gives me the following error

The program 'docker' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
sudo apt-get install docker

Why is ubuntu not seeing docker?

Instead of using docker use docker.io, i.g.

sudo apt-get install docker.io

The following explains why it is named like this:

Why install docker on ubuntu should be sudo apt-get install docker.io?

How to login after installation

Restbird is multi-user system, the admin user has been created by default. Use admin/admin to login when first start the system.

You can change password after login through “Account -> Reset Password”, or create more users under “Admin -> Users”.


How to set listening port when starting Mockserver

As Mock Server is runing in a Docker container, we can not access the server port directly from outside. We need to map the inside server port out to host’s port, then we use http://[host-ip]:{host-port}/ to access the mock server.

The best practice is when we start the container, we map a series of host ports to conatiner, then we choose one of them as our mock server port.

For examples:

docker run -ti -p 80:8080 -p 10000-10010:10000-10010 -v /path/to/project:/data/restbird restbird/rest then we can config a server port from 10000 to 10010, and open browser to access it directly.

Why the MockServer starts success but I can not access the API, connection refused

It probably because the MockServer port hasn’t been mapped when dorcker started. To verify this, run “docker ps” in the cosole

docker ps

the command will return all the running dockers status, for example,

mock docker ps

ports 8081 to 8089 of the container have been maped to 8081 to 8089 of the host machine, if you’re using other port, the MockServer will still shown as success but the requst will fail. If this is not the root cause, please contact restbird support support@restbird.org to futher diagnose.

Or contact us through Where to get support


How to include 3rd party library in test script

You can import any 3rd party lib into Restbird project through “Library” menu to upload files or running any shell command like “npm install”, “git clone”, etc.

You can also install libs directly under the spesific folders in your file system, all libs are stored in

  • [Restbird work place]/library for Golang libraries
  • [Restbird work place]/libraryJs for Javascript libraries
  • [Restbird work place]/libraryPy for Python libraries

See Restbird project organization in file system for details.